Dear Mr. McGuire

Dear Mr. McGuire,

I’ve been reading a book called To Be Perfectly Honest and to be perfectly honest it’s a great book. I would HIGHLY recommend this book for girls ONLY because this book is VERY girly.  The author’s name is Sonya Sones and she chose the main character Colette. She has a series of these books and I’m reading the third one.

Colette is the main character and we are not alike AT ALL. Maybe in some ways but not really a lot. Not mostly everything that comes out of my mouth is a lie but, almost everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie and I’ll prove it. On page 10 it says “None of that stuff I told you about just now actually happened”.

In one event Colette is forced to go to dinner with her mother when she had plans with someone else. (this part is true) So she has to cancel her plans and hang out with her mother’s boyfriend which is on page 194. If I were Colette I would of gone with that person anyway even if I was forced to stay somewhere else. The person she is hanging out with is a boy named Connor. (I don’t know for sure but I think they are dating)

They met each other while they were going to their hotel. They fell in love at  first sight. If I was the main character I wouldn’t love him at first sight I would just ignore him at first. We do have another thing in common too, because we both have little brothers that are the same age. But we have a difference too she is 15 years old I am 11 and she has purple eyes (because of contacts) but I don’t wear them anymore.

Colette’s mother is famous and Colette doesn’t like her, If I was her I wouldn’t like her either (she is very mean). She promises Colette and her brother that they will go somewhere fun. But she never does because she thinks she has to hang out with her costar all the time. If I was her I would probably be mad at my mom all the time for not spending time with me and my brother Will. I hope you liked reading about it because to be perfectly honest it’s a great book so far.


Ilia Davis







If I Wrote… The Main Story Would Be…

In language arts we are reading a new book and our assignment is to write what the main story is about. If I wrote Swear To Howdy by Wendelin Van Draanen the main story would be like the book but it would be VERY different.

If I were able to start the book at the beginning I would make (the two main characters) Joey and Rusty be friends. I would make them start school and they find each other and become best friends. I would make both boys troublemakers and make them do bad pranks like putting dirt and worms on Rusty’s, sister’s bed. And doing things like that, that bugs and things like that

I would also make them keep secrets with each other and when they had BIG secrets I would make them cut their fingers. Them make them mix their blood by touching their fingers together. When they are mixing blood I would make them sing a song they made up together. When they were done I would make them pat each other on their backs and say that’s another one sealed.

So If I were to write this story this is what my story would be about.



The Girl

The Girl

The girl on the sidewalk looked like she was on cloud nine.
What I didn’t know is that she was falling down into the dumps.
I asked her “what’s wrong? she said…                                          “Someone let the cat out of the bag at school and now I’m in the heat of the moment.                                                                                        Suddenly it started raining cats and dogs.                                            That’s when I felt like falling down into the dumps too.


The Girl

The girl on the sidewalk looked as pale as can be.                                        I asked her what’s wrong and she said she got stung by a bee.                 The red dot was big on her face.                                                               The girl on the sidewalk suddenly ran towards me then fell.                     That’s when she really didn’t look well.                                                         She broke her arm, her nose and a finger.                                                    That’s when I realized she wouldn’t linger.                                                  I was calling the police and when they came I said sir                               “Lonely emptiness was the only thing left of her.”


Shocked like a fish in too cold of water.                                                          Shocked like a person in a room that gets hotter.                                        Shocked like a cat falling out of a tree.                                                          Shocked like someone just like me.

Blinds Don’t Blind You

Blinds Don’t Blind You                                                                                      like a cataract                                                                                                       like an exploding bomb                                                                                     like the sun shining in the sky
Blinds Don’t Blind You                                                                                        like blind itself                                                                                                    like a book sitting on a shelf                                                                            like a very ugly elf                                                                                Blinds Don’t Blind You


Down The Hallway

I shake a leg down the hall as I hear my name being called to go to the office.

Then I suddenly realize someone let the cat out of the bag.

As I walk into the office I realize I’m in a pickle.

My mom is standing there in the doorway telling me to shake a leg.

I know I’m going to be in for the heat of the moment.

Salt Creek Isn’t Salty

Salt Creek Isn’t Salty

Like the ocean crashing onto the shore

Or like the pretzels with drizzling cheese and salt clumping

Like the grandma who has that unchanging grin

Salt Creek isn’t someone shaking a salt shaker

Salt Creek Isn’t Salty


As I slinked                                                                                                         through the dew covered grass.                                                                      I felt my way through the eerie darkness.                                                    I felt a chill go up my spine.                                                                                I was horrified.

As I slowly made my way                                                                                  through the deadly silence                                                                                I froze as I heard the sound                                                                              of something creeping behind me.

I squinted into the darkness trying to make out a short black figure          It seemed to be slinking towards me                                                               As I shut my eyes to wait for the worst to come                                           Out popped a little boy in a halloween costume.

Outside alone,scared, and shivering                                                               I stood feeling as if death was looking me in the eye                                  I felt miserable lonely and wait what’s that?!!!                                             No one knows

Thanksgiving Doesn’t Gobble

Thanksgiving doesn’t gobble like the turkey on your plate

Thanksgiving doesn’t gobble like the turkey on the run.

Thanksgiving doesn’t gobble like the turkey does for fun.

Thanksgiving doesn’t gobble and that is that.


Saturday isn’t sat on like that very comfy chair

Saturday isn’t sat on like those ugly pants you wear

Saturday isn’t sat on like that horrible whoopee cushion

Saturday isn’t sat on and that is that.



You are happy.                                                                                                   When you see your pappy.                                                                               You are happy.                                                                                                     When someone smiles.                                                                                      Because It can soar for miles.

Happiness comes from the heart.                                                                    It doesn’t mean you have to pull apart.                                                    Happiness is when you’re happy.                                                                      Happy like your smiling pappy.