Is It Wrong Or Is It Right?

I think that what Colin Kaepernick did was right because he has a right to not stand during the anthem. It is not illegal and no one can tell him to sit or stand. He has Freedom Of Speech and he is allowed to say what he want’s and do what he want’s. No one should ever kick someone off a team because he chose to sit. He could have stood but he didn’t. So this is why I think that it is right for Colin Kaepernick to sit during the anthem.

Another reason why I think it is right for him is because he may have a different religion. His religion may be to only stand for a certain flag that is different from our’s. His religion may also contain a different song and not the anthem.

This is also why I think he should have the right to stand during the anthem. In the place we live adults are allowed to do whatever they want but they have to follow the law. The only thing is the law doesn’t say you have to stand for the anthem it is a suggestion. He didn’t go to jail for it he just got kicked off the team. So this is why I think Colin Kaepernick should have the right to stand.

2 Things That I Think Should Be Better On my Blog Post My Energy

One thing I think should be changed is, when I was writing I made some of the paragraphs too short. I would like to change that and make them longer. They probably should have been more detailed and interesting than they were.

Another thing that I think should be changed on my blog post is making more paragraphs about things I get my energy from. I only had five things that I got my energy from. I just wanted more things to write about because I wanted to make it interesting. I just couldn’t really think of lots of things to write about.

These are my two reasons why I wanted to change two things on my blog post. I hoped you enjoyed reading 2 Things That I Think Should  Be Better On My Blog Post My Energy.

My Energy

I get my energy from a lot of things like once, like a month ago I was home alone and I sang and danced and made up words for my crazy songs. Also I made up my own games and I did way crazier things than that.

Don’t even get me started on my way outside. This Monday when I was on my way to my trampoline I went sooo fast that I almost fell on my face. Also on my trampoline I played crazy games that involved animals and crazy things like that. Once a few months ago we played a game that was based off of one of the books I read.

When I was home with my brother and sisters a few weeks back we turned the radio on and the energy just spilled out of me. I went SOOOOO crazy, I  had my head swinging around and around and I was singing the words to that song.

Sleepovers are one of the most craziest other than dancing. The reason for that is, is because one night on my eleventh birthday my friends and I were free to stay up as late as we wanted. My mom also bought awesome snacks for us and guess what, NO boys. When the lights were out is when the energy came alive because we all danced around singing songs we know. We then had make overs, dress ups, we also played a game called house. Then when we all get settled down we played truth or dare. Eventually we fell asleep because all of our energy was gone.

Other things that I get my energy from is when we were in the car about a few weeks ago. We are in the car waiting for our mom to put a cart away so we listened to music and we danced all crazy when she got back we were done.




How To Have A Great Gold Medal Year

I think that a gold medal year should be a great year and you can make it one if you do your best. In a golden medal year you do your best and make it a good year for you and for other’s. If I were to have a golden year I would try and get good grades and study for tests. Also I would never give up.                                                                                    A golden medal year could also be a year of kindness, for instance if someone falls down help them up. This will make that person feel good and it would make you feel good about yourself to. But that is not all because kindness can make a gold medal year to. Example if someone is sitting alone at recess go talk to them and ask them to play with you that will make them feel better and it will do the same for you to.                                                                                                                   Also achieving goals can help you have a gold medal year. For instance, if your grades aren’t very good you can try your hardest and think super hard and you might just get a higher grade and if you think about it, it is a goal. Goals are very important in your life to, because lets say you have a B in a class and you want to get an A well if you work hard and try your best you will achieve your goal.                                   Here are a few more things to learn about gold medal years. You should also follow rules witch are very important to follow if you’d like a gold medal year. Lets say you were told by your mom,dad or teacher to do your homework and you said you would but you didn’t so you get into lot’s of trouble. It did not make you feel good at all making you wish you should have done your homework because you  might miss fun Friday or get grounded. Bad grades can also effect other gold medal years to so get good grades and do your homework.                                                                                                               I hope you will have a great gold medal year and try your best work hard and listen to rules.  And achieve your goals and you will have a great, gold medal year. And thank you very much for reading How To Have A Great, Gold, Medal, Year.

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