I was walking in the sand

With sunglasses in my hand

At the edge of the sea

With shark eyes watching me


The shark swam

And then bam

I hit him on the head

With something red


He opened wide

I moved to the side

And he ate sand

I thought he ate my hand


Knock Knock


I’m at your door

It seems to you

That I am poor

You let me in not aware


That I will give you

Quite a scare

You go to sleep

Counting sheep


While I am awake

Preparing to bake

I latch you up out of your bed

And accidently bump your head


I hold you over the pot of stew

Not knowing what to do with you

I add in salt and pepper as well

And soon your meat that will surely smell




I was sitting in the slingshot hearing my own heart pounding fast in my chest. I was waiting for what seemed like my death. I heard someone say “READY HERE WE GO” and instantly I felt the air knocked out of me. I opened my eyes and saw we were really high in the air.


 I was sitting in the air rocking back and forth feeling super sick. I told my mom that I am not doing this ever again . Then a thought came to mind. So I asked ‘‘are they slingshotting us again?”She said these three terrible words “ I don’t know”.


The expression on my face must have been hilarious because she bursted out laughing. I asked her “what’s so funny?” She replied “you were so scared”. I frowned at her and started to feel us go down. Thankfully I wasn’t doing that again. I jetted off when we were at a complete stop to watch my mom go again with my dad.

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We are doing this assignment in language arts to write about the tone in our books.

My book is called Ignite Me, it is wrote by Tahereh Mafi and is the third book in the series. There are 6 books in all, and all of them are AMAZING. The main character is Juliette who has a lot of emotions. So most of the time the book’s tone is anger, because there are people in my book that push Juliette to her breaking point. So in return  she just explodes in their faces.

Other times the book’s tone is sad. In the first book it says that her parents gave her up and sent her to jail because she accidently killed a little boy. I forgot to mention this earlier but Juliette isn’t human. She has powers that enable her to kill people with her hands, but at the time she was little and didn’t understand.

Sometimes the tone of the book is happiness. The reason I say this is because Juliette makes new friends after such a long time without any. One of her friends is actually her boyfriend who’s name is Adam. Adam makes Juliette feel happy because he takes her places and protects her. Her other friends names are Sonya and Sara who can cure sick and wounded very fast. They help Juliette get accustomed to the reestablishment.

The reestablishment in the book a group of people who have like these powers and they work  together. I hoped you liked my blog post.



My 30 year old life

I wake up February 7th 2035 to the sound of my screaming baby girl. I make my way through the darkness to get to her before my husband wakes up. I pick her up gently and rock her soothingly so she will fall back asleep. After that I go lay back down but can’t fall asleep, so I get up to get the day started.

I walk into the kitchen quietly, knowing I have to  start cooking waffles, the kid’s favorite meal. I hear a yell from downstairs, I answer “what” and I see my other daughter Lily walking into the kitchen. I say good morning sleepy head and she smiles that cute smile of hers. I feel a soft kiss on my cheek and turn around to my smiling husband Lucas.

He swoops me and Lily into a big hug and I say” could you start  helping with waffles”.   Lucas goes busy to cooking breakfast, so I silently go get my work clothes and head to the bathroom. I change and brush my tangly haired mess. Before I make it down the hall I hear Carla cry, so I turn back around and go take her from out of her crib. I check her diaper and surprisingly it’s nice and clean.

I take her into the kitchen, set her in her highchair and swoop Lily into her chair. I get two saucers out for the girls and two plates for me and Lucas. Lily screams “DADDY” all of a sudden and Lucas turns around to see what’s wrong. Lily finishes her sentence by saying “I want lots of syrup on my waffle”. Lucas smiles and brings our plates over with waffles piled on top. He grabs the syrup and pours what seemed like a mountain of syrup on Lily’s waffle.

After we’re done eating I check my watch and realize it’s almost time for work, I tell Lucas the good news before walking out the door, ” Hun guess what I’m getting paid $50.00 an hour now”. Lucas smiles and says “that’s great” and plants another kiss on my cheek.

I walk into work and I instantly feel everybody’s moods change. Everybody is happy when I’m there because I do so well with their pets. I call out the name of my first patient “Chico”. I instantly  see a sturdy woman stand tall. Standing with a little chihuahua in her arms with it’s leg lifeless. I tell her to come this way,  I lead her into an office. I tell her to set him down on this table so I can weigh him.” 6 pounds, he’s nice and good on weight” I say.

Then I examine his leg, I can tell right away it’s broken so I tell the woman I will take an X-ray to see how badly it’s broken. I show her the X-ray and tell her it can be fixed. The woman smiles and says “Thank you so much Doc” I nod and get to work. I put the mask over Chico’s face and he falls asleep. I get to work on his leg. 1 hour later I’m finally done with his surgery.

“He’s nice and fixed and ready to go home. Just give this medication to him once a day”. “Ok” the woman says and leaves after paying. I check my watch again 5 hours later.  I realize it’s almost time to head home so I close up the vet office and drive to my quiet, small home. Since I live in the country there isn’t that many people there so it’s pretty quiet. I stayed in Ohio and now live on Stump Run Rd the same road my parent’s live on.

I drive up the driveway and  hurry into the house, Lily comes screaming “MOMMY,MOMMY,MOMMY”. I swoop her up into an embracing hug and settle her back to the ground. I yell to Lucas and tell him I’m home, then out of nowhere he jumps out of the closet with a bouquet of flowers. I run over to him and give him a big hug.

Then he whispers something in my ear “what are we going to get Lily for her 6th birthday?” I gasp and say “I totally forgot!”. Lucas says ”calm down it’s ok her birthday is in a week and I got decorations today”. I ask Lily “what do you want for your birthday?”. The answer we got shocked me and Lucas both. “A KITTY CAT”

We had to do something we couldn’t just not get her anything. We exchanged glances and I told him “we have to go get one and keep it in our room until her birthday”. He nods and asks Lily “what color? “BLACK” is her reply. So we get Lily and Carla and strap them into their carseats. Then we head down the road to my mom’s house.

We drop them off and I say “thanks mom” she says “no problem”. Then we go to the nearest pound and we ask the people if they have any black cats. They say “we have one left” so we say thanks and go find this birthday present. We turn to another kennel and we see this  black kitten, sleeping. We smile and tell the pound owners “we are going to get this one”.

We adopt the cat and the pound owners give us a litter box, litter, two bowls and cat food. We head back to our house and open our big closet up. We set the bowls and litter box down inside and filled the litter box with litter. Then we set the cat inside the closet and went to go fill the water bowl and cat food bowl to the rim. We come back and set the food and water bowl back down for the cat.

We go to the kitchen and start decorating. We admire our work for a second, and just stare off into space. Lucas breaks the silence and snaps me out of my daydream. He says to me “Our kids have grown so fast already”.   “I know ” is what I say in reply.

We decide to go get the kids and when we arrive home Lily is so happy. A week later we are preparing for Lily’s 6th birthday. I am anxious to see the look on lily’s face when she sees the cat. “Cake time”! Lucas shouts at all the kids. Then like a herd of elephants they all come barreling through the house screaming “cake yay!”.

After cake and almost all presents I tell Lily to close her eyes tight and no peeking. Then I walk up stairs and put the kitten in one of Lily’s present bags and take it downstairs. I hand Lily the present and the look on her face is priceless. She jumps up and down with her kitten and hugs it so tight I thought she was going to kill it.

Since Carla is only 1 we won’t be celebrating her birthday till next year. Lily decides to name the cat Fluffy. Well I guess that wraps it up thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my story.


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If I Could Do Anything

I would act very different than I did before if I knew in my heart I could do anything. I would put my goals ahead of me and try my hardest to achieve them. I wouldn’t sit around on my phone all day  or watch TV all day.

I would be a different person, doing different things. I would start with one goal at a time and work my way to the end of my goals. For example I would start eating more because I am a little under weight. I would also start thinking about my career.

I already have began to eat more and exercise more and have gained weight.  I wouldn’t be the same person I was because the old me was underweight and kind of lazy. Another goal is to raise my grades and so far I have. They just need to get better.

I know my parents and grandparents believe in me and so do my teachers, but I never believed in me, not ever. I want that to change, I want to believe in myself. Sometimes I do but my mom and dad thinks that I should believe in myself all the time, which is true.


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Language Arts Teachers Are The Best!

La teachers are the best because they can be funny at times. Other times {Mr. McGuire} picks on me and calls me a little brat. (Even though I’m not.) I also love to read, it’s always been one of my hobbies. That’s what we do at the end of class.

Mr. McGuire is also the best because we sing all sorts of different, fun songs. The only bad thing about Mr. McGuire is (you don’t want to get on his mean side.) Always follow his rules and have fun.

La teachers are also the best because they mostly try to make you smile and laugh, and have a good time. If your Language Arts teacher is nice enough they will give you good grades (JK.) They give you good or bad grades. This is why I think that La teachers are the best (even though they may pick on you). By the way (I like my other teachers just not their class.)


Kindness is not bought with money and doesn’t come with a price. You can get it anywhere, and you can give it too. Kindness is someone helping you pick up your things or helping you cook.

In a video I watched there were loads of kindness and the reason for that is because in the video was someone in need of kindness. This person’s name is Michael who is disabled. He plays basketball and has loved it since he was little.

One day he was sitting out on the bleachers watching his fellow teammates play against the opposing team. Before the game ended the coach told him ” suit up”. In surprise Michael threw his jersey on and went out onto the court.

Then his teammate threw him the ball and he aimed for the hoop but he missed, then he tried again and again. Then out of nowhere he hears someone call his name. He turns around and an opposing team member throws him the ball. He catches it and aims for the hoop yet again, this time he makes it in the hoop. Every one then cheered Michael’s name and ran over to him like a herd of wild animals. That day Michael felt so happy and good to be filled with kindness. Kindness can really change people, so next time you see someone down in the dumps cheer them up.

Dear Mr McGuire,

Dear Mr. McGuire,

I’ve been reading a book called To Be Perfectly Honest and to be perfectly honest it’s a great book. I would HIGHLY recommend this book for girls ONLY because this book is VERY girly. The author’s name is Sonya Sones and she chose the main character Colette. She has a series of these books and I’m reading the third one.

Colette is the main character and we are not alike AT ALL. Maybe in some ways but not really. Not everything that comes out of my mouth is a lie but literally, almost everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie and I’ll prove it. On page 10 she says this “None of that stuff I told you about just now actually happened”. She was telling a made up story about how she was chased by cops.

In one event Colette is forced to go to dinner with her mother when she had plans with someone else. (this part is true) So she has to cancel her plans and hang out with her mother’s boyfriend which is on page 194. If I were Colette I would of gone with that person anyway even if I was forced to stay somewhere else. The person she is hanging out with is a boy named Connor (doesn’t say they are dating but I think they are.)

If I was the main character I wouldn’t love Connor at first sight I would take it A LOT slower because Colette just fell for him instantly. We do have another thing in common too, because we both have little brothers that are the same age. But we have a difference too, she is 15 years old I am 11 and she has purple eyes (because of contacts) but I don’t wear them anymore.

Colette’s mother is famous and Colette doesn’t like her, If I was her I wouldn’t like her either (she is very mean). She promises Colette and her brother that they will go somewhere fun. But she never does because she thinks she has to hang out with her costar all the time. If I was her I would probably be mad at my mom all the time for not spending time with me and my brother Will. I hope you liked reading about it so far because to be perfectly honest it’s a great book.

My Hobby

I have a hobby and a lot of people aren’t good at it but that’s ok  because it’s hard to do my hobby. My hobby is drawing animals I can draw animals from tiny mice to huge elephants. As well as other big or small creatures to.

I inherited this from my biological mother because she was very good at drawing.  I am adopted now so I have a new mom who is (no offence) not good at drawing ANYTHING. My biological mom drew mostly people but animals to.

Lot’s of people ask me to teach them how but it’s too complicated for them when I at least try to help them. I draw lot’s of kinds of animals and sometimes I just make them up for the fun of it. Example I sometimes draw a random animal and attach an extra arm or leg or tail.

One particular time I drew something that I really cherished but I don’t know where it is now. I drew a cheetah chasing a gazelle across the pridelands. Then I drew on the back of the page the cheetah eating the gazelle with her cubs. I used observing drawing because it wasn’t all imaginary.

One day I might use my hobby and create famous art if I can draw good enough. My hobby is something I love and (everyone says you can do it if you put your mind to it) but I don’t think I can even though everyone says I can. I give up way too easily and I know I just shouldn’t.

This is my wonderful hobby and I know you have one to, so embrace it and use it as your advantage. Your hobby could become famous as well. Hobbies are what make you, the person you are today. You may have a lot of hobbies or just one but it’s still a hobby.